Om Charm in 24K Fused Gold



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"Om" is considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It is a mystic syllable symbolizing the entire Universe and is also known as the primordial mantra, because it is considered to be the primal sound and to have ushered in the beginning of creation. The "Om" mantra, or vibration, is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of meditation and yoga practice.

This Sacred "Om" Charm features a gorgeous white topaz gemstone. The energy of white topaz increases awareness of thoughts and purifies emotions and actions while activating cosmic consciousness.

Perfect for a yogini, this Sacred Om Charm's energy aligns body/mind/spirit with the Universe and brings peace and enlightenment to the yogini's sacred yoga practice and makes a beautiful personal statement as a soulful piece of yoga jewelry.

Hand-crafted with consciousness by several loving hands and hearts to awaken its powerful quality, this beautiful "Om" Symbol Charm is finely carved in repoussé by a master artist and 17th generation Buddhist priest, then it is blessed by Mata, a Nepalese holy woman.

This "Om" Sacred Symbol Charm is crafted in 24K gold fused with copper and is approximately 3/4" wide. It is presented inside of a special jewelry pouch, complete with descriptive card. Perfect for gift giving or as a special yoga jewelry gift for yourself!

Also available in Pure Silver.


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