Lakshmi Pearl Beaded Yogini Necklace in Gold and Silver


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Pair up your favorite Yoga Pendant or Amulet with this Sacred Beaded Necklace and create a beautiful yoga adornment that will inspire and enlighten and give voice to your heart and soul.

This luscious Lakshmi Pearl Beaded Yogini Necklace in 24k gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver is the perfect match for your favorite blessed pendant or amulet, creating a sacred yogini necklace that is sure to be treasured and adored, on and off the mat!

Shown here with our 24K Fused Gold "Ganesh Om" Pendant and our Pure Silver "Three Star Lotus" Amulet, wear your sacred pendant or amulet hooked from the fun, dangling loops for a trendy, playful look, or hanging from the beads for a classic look. This luxe necklace is gorgeous worn alone, as well.

Pearls are known for their powerful centering and calming effects and their ability to balance one's aura and karma. They symbolize wisdom and enlightenment and are believed to attract wealth and good fortune, as well as offer protection.

Pearls carry the energy of the moon, bringing the flowing energy of water and the awareness of the divine feminine into our lives. In ancient Vedic texts, the pearl is born of the earth’s waters and the heaven’s powers, fertilized by a flash of lightning.

Perfect for a yogini, this Pearl Necklace's energy brings wisdom and calm-centeredness to the yogini's sacred yoga practice and makes a beautiful personal statement as a soulful piece of yoga jewelry.

Hand-crafted with consciousness by several loving hands and hearts to awaken its powerful qualities, this sacred Lakshmi Pearl Necklace is then blessed by Mata, a Nepalese holy woman.

Choose between 24k gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver and 16, 20, or 30 inch lengths. This beautiful necklace features a toggle clasp and a 3 inch extension of large, luscious loops. It is presented inside of a special pouch, perfect for gift giving or as a special yoga jewelry gift for yourself!

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Please note: This listing is for our Lakshmi Pearl Beaded Chain Necklace, only.
Pendants and Amulets shown are for example purposes, only, and are available for purchase separately.

Mix and match this beautiful necklace with any of our Sacred Symbol Pendants or Mantra Amulets.


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