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Yogini Soul Yoga Wear, Apparel and Jewelry

Celebrating the Yogini Lifestyle

We're Very Excited to Introduce Our Brand New Collection of Women's Yoga Wear that Celebrates the Yogini Lifestyle!

Yogini Soul® Yoga Apparel, Accessories, and Jewelry are Designed with Loving Intention to Honor, Inspire, and Empower Your Divine Yogini Spirit. Our High Vibe Products Give Voice to Your Heart and Soul, Support Your Passionate Commitment to Yoga, Help Elevate Your Practice, and Serve as a Statement of Your Personal Yogini Style.

Nurturing Self-Love, Harmony, and Adventure, Our Versatile and Sustainable Yoga Wear Embraces the Beauty of Your Active Lifestyle and Feels Great Far Beyond the Mat – Taking You from Morning Asanas and Mid-Day Adventures to a Sunset Meditation Under the Stars – Feeling Strong and Empowered Every Step of the Way!

Yogini Soul is a Sustainable, Eco-Conscious, Bi-Coastal, Yogini-Owned and Operated Business

Conceived over a decade ago in Los Angeles, California, and birthed in New York, we are strongly committed to operating our business with the smallest carbon footprint possible, with no waste or overages. Our collection of yoga apparel and accessory items are "made to order," one at a time, with love, just for you!

Yogini Soul's vibrant, luxe graphics are sustainably printed with non-toxic, water-based, earth-friendly inks on ethically sourced yoga apparel and accessories from companies in California and New York who are committed to social responsibility, fair labor practices, and sustainable, eco-conscious, ethical manufacturing.

Our sacred yoga jewelry items are handcrafted, one divine piece at a time, with mindfulness and Right Intention, by jewelry artisans around the globe.

Our Mission

We are deeply committed to empowering women, teenagers and young girls through the power of yoga. In commitment to this important mission, we donate a percentage of profits from every purchase to non-profit organizations that are similarly aligned with our mission and are making a difference in their communities and in the world by teaching yoga to women and youth to help empower them, heal trauma and abuse, and build confidence and self-esteem.

We thank you for joining us in supporting this important mission. Your purchase makes a difference!

Our Founder and Proprietress

Our founder, creator and yogini proprietress, Valerie, is also the founder and creator of SoulfulLiving.com, a 21-year-old website devoted to personal growth and spiritual development. Valerie is a soulful entrepreneur, artist and designer, writer, photographer, Soulful Life Purpose and Start-Up Business Coach and Certified Yoga Life Coach.

Her greatest passions in life include: living a clean, healthy lifestyle; exploring her spirituality and creativity; practicing yoga and meditation; and living her soulful life purpose — and inspiring others to do the same!

Valerie has been holding the vision for Yogini Soul in her heart for over a decade and is thrilled to finally be bringing this creative dream to life and celebrating and honoring Divine Yoginis around the globe.

She dedicates Yogini Soul to her mother Alice "Grace," who taught her yoga and yogic values as a young girl and to her dear friend who synchronistically arrived in her life in the days following her mother's passing.

My earliest memory of yoga, and one of my fondest 'mom-and-me time' memories from childhood, is of my mother and me laying side by side on the living room floor practicing our asanas, which we always ended with Lion Pose — my favorite yoga position as a child. (It was so much fun to exhale with a loud roar!) Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I am grateful to have had a mother who cared so deeply about health and wellness. At a time when most people were not as health-conscious, my mom kept a toxin-free home, fed our family natural and organic whole foods, maintained a daily yoga and exercise routine, and instilled these same important values in me.

My dedication for Yogini Soul would not be complete without also honoring one of my dearest friends, who synchronistically arrived in my life 20 years ago, in the days following my mother's passing, and to whom I wish to express my most heartfelt gratitude. It is through her enthusiasm, encouragement, support, and belief in my dream, vision and passion, that this project has been birthed, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Her compassionate spirit, courage, strength, and extraordinary talent for motivating and bringing out the very best in people, inspire me every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, HKS. You are a goddess extraordinaire, my role model, soul sister and bright light in this world, and I count my blessings every day that angels brought you into my life.


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