Yoga Face Masks

Yoga Face Masks

Good Karma Yoga Face Masks

Eco-Luxe, 3-Layer Quilted Masks

Good Karma Yoga Face Masks are eco-friendly and sustainable, non-medical cloth face masks handmade-to-order just for you!

Good Karma Yoga Face Masks are washable and reusable, providing a sustainable option for everyday wear. Crafted with three layers of soft, breathable, luxury quilted jersey fabric and available in 4 sizes, these face masks have a comfortable elastic fitting that contours to your face for precise coverage without the annoyance of bunching, gaps, or extra bulk. Instead, you get a smooth fit that feels good!

Displaying inspirational, feel-good, visually serene graphics, Good Karma Face Masks are printed using vibrant, water-based, non-toxic inks and then hand cut and sewn in London, England.

Good Karma Face Masks are sold in sets of two, so that you always have a fresh, clean mask that's ready to wear!

Designed to Radiate Love, Light + High Vibrations

Good Karma Face Masks are perfect for yoga, as well as everyday activities and adventures — from work and shopping to visiting with friends.

Good Karma believes in sending love and light out into the world. That’s why their collection of non-medical, reusable yoga face masks is filled with uplifting statements, mindful messages of hope and peace, and artistic, high vibe imagery.

The world needs everyone’s positive energy right now! Let your mask be a vision of hope and connectivity. Peace out, shine your light, and share your personal statement of peace, love and light with the world!
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