Yoga Chakra Pendants and Amulets

Yoga Chakra Pendants and Amulets

This luscious collection of soulful yoga jewelry is featured at the Smithsonian Museum Gift Shop, the Chopra Center, and here at Yogini Soul. These deeply meaningful and healing jewels, perfect for supporting your personal yoga practice and setting your yogic intentions, adorn the necks of yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers, and celebrities around the globe.

Traditionally hand-crafted and spiritually inspired, this beautiful collection of Blessed Chakra Pendants and Chakra Amulets from Tulku will support you in your yoga practice and help you remember and celebrate your inherent divine nature.

Each Chakra Pendant is available in 24K fused gold, pure silver, and copper and is hand-crafted with consciousness by several loving hands and hearts to awaken its qualities as a powerful piece of yoga jewelry. Our beautiful Yoga Chakra Pendants and Amulets are finely carved in repousse by a master artist and 17th generation Buddhist priest and then each is blessed by Mata, a Nepalese holy woman.

On and off the mat, our Chakra Pendants are perfect for yoginis! Choose the chakra that speaks most deeply to your heart and soul and will be most supportive to you at this time.

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