Sanskrit Mantra Amulets

Sanskrit Mantra Amulets

This luscious collection of soulful yoga jewelry is featured at the Smithsonian Museum Gift Shop, the Chopra Center, and here at Yogini Soul. These deeply meaningful and healing jewels adorn the necks of yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers, and celebrities around the globe.

Perfect for the yogini, our Blessed Sanskrit Mantra Amulets are beautiful reminders of your personal intentions for yoga, meditation, and life!

Hand-crafted with consciousness by several loving hands and hearts to awaken its powerful quality, each Sacred Sankrit Mantra Amulet from Tulku is sand cast and finely carved by a master artist and 17th generation Buddhist priest, then it is blessed by Mata, a Nepalese holy woman.

On the reverse side of each Sanskrit Mantra Amulet, you will find the three circle "Tibetan Mirror" symbol. The Tibetan Mirror symbolizes emptiness and the perfect clarity of the essential Self, which is pure and unaffected by the reflections of the world. The symbol's three circles represent purity of heart, openness of mind, and integrity of action. It can be used for divination or to look into the Divine side of the Self.

You are the mirror of divine beauty. —Rumi

Our Sanskrit Mantra Amulets are available in three gorgeous metals: 24K gold fused on pancha dhatu, pure silver, and pancha dhatu and will make a stunning personal statement as a soulful piece of yoga jewelry that you will long treasure and adore, on or off the mat!

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➳ Mix and Match ➳
Pair up your favorite Sacred Mantra Amulet with one of our gorgeous Luxe Beaded Yogini Necklaces and create a beautiful yoga adornment, as special and unique as you and your yoga practice! Let it give voice to your heart and soul, inspire and enlighten you, and honor and celebrate your divine yogini spirit!

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